Apr 2013
Electricity Distribution
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Apr 2013
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Innovation Funding Incentive
High Voltage Technology
Several small value projects are under development with a number of external parties, managed on behalf of the Network Operators through the ENA.
The projects undertaken through budget year 2006 / 7 addressed real problems that had been identified by the ENA Working Groups as significant and which required technical investigation and development.

  • SG14 Earthing Project: Develop new techniques to assess the impact of lower voltage earth electrodes on higher voltage hot zones and to measure the resistance of distribution substation earth systems

  • Cable Harmonic Impedance Modelling: The report covers the detailed modelling of cable and overhead line components. Particular attention is paid to cable models appropriate for distribution networks, as this is was the initial objective of the project and literature on modelling of cables is not as widespread as that for other items of equipment

  • Loss of Mains (LoM): To carry out testing on a range of LoM relays in order to develop a clear understanding of the stability of these relays when confronted by a range of network disturbances applied at a range of relay settings. This information will be used to develop a matrix of optimum settings and test procedures for relay specification.