Apr 2013
Electricity Distribution
LV Network Automation
IFI 0607
Apr 2013
SP Energy Networks
SP Energy Networks Innovation
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Innovation Funding Incentive
LV & 11kV Networks
The Low Voltage networks contribute 11% Customer Interruption (CI) and 15.5% Customer Minutes Lost (CML) between the SP-D / SP-M networks (taken from 2003/04 NaFIRs report).

  • Both proposals aim to produce, install and test prototype systems on a trial network, providing a proof of concept and evaluating performance of the installation on the Low Voltage (LV) distribution network

  • Application will be to focus on high customer density, worst performing LV circuits.
The aim of a Low Voltage Automation (LVA) project is to provide a trial system on SPENs LV network, which will prove the benefits of implementing a larger scale LVA system across the LV networks. The trial system will consist of one LVA CCU (modified old CCU) and one phase LVA switch. It is two major parts that will be validated in the project. The first one is the communication from the control point to the LVA switch. The communication technique will be the Power Line Communication (PLC). The second part is the mechanical behaviour and the control of the Magnetic vacuum Switch from EPS.