Apr 2013
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Apr 2013
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The SUPERGEN Highly Distributed Power Systems Consortium will address the research challenges associated with a systems approach to the design, operation and control of Highly Distributed Power Systems (HDPS).

It is the systems approach, the development of modular solutions and methods to support the realisation of highly distributed power systems (microgeneration, storage, etc), and importantly the focus on rigorous analysis methods for integrated technical, economic and environmental appraisal of such systems that both sets it apart from and complements other research initiatives.

The key objectives of the consortium’s programme of work are:

  • Identify the most effective conceptual design for the realisation of a HDPS

  • Creation of an integrated appraisal framework for the economic, environmental and technical assessment of HDPS

  • Assessment of market transformation and network access approaches in support of HDPS development.

  • Realise a simulation facility capable of characterising, modelling and appropriately analysing the behaviour of a HDPS

  • Engineering of management and control system for effective coordination of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) in HDPS

  • Realisation of DER inverter interface and control modes compatible with HDPS control, protection and power quality requirements

  • Demonstration of modular DER integration and interfacing.