Apr 2020
Gas Distribution
I-Branch Seal
Apr 2020
Sep 2020
Stuart Sherlock
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Safety and emergency
Gas Distribution Networks
Water can enter our low-pressure distribution network in several ways. For example, water can enter from; corrosion holes in metallic mains, degradation of lead yarn and mechanical joints, and mains fractures such as third-party damage. Over time the volume of water contained within the pipe will begin to rise and eventually the water will extend along the pipe, mixing with the gas and disrupting the supply of gas. 

This project looks to develop a seal that will allow inspection and water extraction to be carried out simoultanously.
The objectives of the project are to:

1.       Development
Modify the design of the existing seal that has been previously tested to allow use with the new core drilling equipment.
Manufacture mould and produce samples for testing.

2.       Testing
Carry out testing procedure on the modified seals to ensure compliance with current standards.
Produce summary report including test evidence to support SGN/PM/G/23 submission.

3.       Production
Production of 6 units for field trials.

4.       Field Trial
Carry out agreed number of field trials including any modifications required to ensure seal is fit for purpose.

5.       Project Closure
Pipeline Technology to produce final project closure report in SGN format detailing all development, testing, field trials and feedback. Report to provide conclusion and recommendations for potential implementation of the I-Branch Seal into SGN business as usual.
Reduces operation time by carrying out two jobs at the same time.