Mar 2020
Gas Distribution
Energy Centre
Mar 2020
Jul 2021
Nick Cannon – Project Manager James Harrison – Director of London Network Cadent Paul Massey – Managing Director Aqua Consultants
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Safety and emergency
Gas Distribution Networks
Within the Cadent Gas Network there are a high volume of assets contained within Multi-Occupancy Buildings (MOBs) that vary in age, condition and complexity.

Currently the maintenance of gas assets in MOBs is carried out in accordance with historic gas industry standards and asset management strategies, such as IGEM/G5. During this work there is an opportunity for a change in approach that will have long term benefits to our customers and the environment. This is currently looked at under Cadent’s Energy Exchange Initiative switching from gas to electric but further information is required to understand building requirements for Energy Centres where customers remain on gas which is then converted to electricity.
The objectives of this project are to:

• Review long term sustainable alternatives to gas risers in MOBs
• Improve Energy Efficiency of Buildings
• Potentially Impact Customer Bills Through Improved Efficiency

The outputs of this work will allow Cadent to understand the requirements for Energy Centres and the viability for use within the network.
The benefits of the project are:

• Alternative to gas riser replacement
• Potential impact to cost
• Impact to customer costs
• Potential reduction to customer costs
• Potential reduction to customer disruption
• Improved environmental impact through decarbonisation