Oct 2018
Electricity Distribution
Oct 2018
Oct 2021
Electricity North West Limited
Geraldine Paterson
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Network improvements and system operability
Comms & IT
This project will investigate and trial a variety of a communications mediums and protocols with a range of DNO and consumers equipment to understand the best solution and produce a functional specification for a single communications hub.
1. Identify all communications mediums and protocols for monitoring and control of DNO and customers equipment.
2. Trial interfaces to DNO and customer equipment.
3.Develop control methodologies for managing customer’s and DNO equipment to resolve local constraints.
The introduction of a single communications hub could save up to £40 000 per distribution substation.In addition to the installed cost saving this project can facilitate Active Network Management and improved fault response by providing real time coordinated information from the low voltage network. It will also bring carbon benefits as DNOs could connect more low carbon technology in a quicker timescale.