Jan 2011
Electricity Distribution
Low Carbon London
Jan 2011
Jun 2014
UK Power Networks
UKPN Innovation Team
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LCN Fund Tier 2
Low Carbon Generation
Low Carbon London is a pioneering learning programme. Its aim is to use London as a test bed to develop a smarter electricity network that can manage the demands of a low carbon economy and deliver reliable, affordable zero carbon electricity to businesses, residents and communities.

London has a unique opportunity to be at the heart of this drive towards a low carbon economy. Currently it has the highest levels of carbon emissions in the UK, one of the most utilised electricity networks in the country and a very tough carbon reduction target of 60% on 1990 levels by 2025.

To cut its carbon emissions, London is calling for a big increase in distributed and micro-generation, electric vehicles, combined cooling heating and power systems, and heat pumps. Low Carbon London is about learning how to accommodate these new demands on the electricity network, while helping customers to make the best use of national low carbon electricity production.

London’s approach to carbon reduction is likely to be mirrored across UK, so the knowledge gained in London will help electricity networks across the country to prepare for a low carbon future.

The outlook for the project over the next reporting period, despite the various challenges, is very positive. The addition of a second energy supplier to the project provides an increased available pool of residential and potentially Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), commercial trial participants, whilst developing links with various industry organisations.

Low Carbon London will develop a new approach to distribution network management to meet growing demand from emerging low carbon technologies, such as electric vehicles, heat pumps and distributed generation. It will focus on carbon reduction targets and the need to reduce dependency on conventional reinforcement.