Nov 2012
Electricity Distribution
Photovoltaic Impact on Surburban Networks
Nov 2012
Nov 2013
Western Power Distribution
WPD Future Networks Team (01332 827446)
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LCN Fund Tier 1
Low Carbon Generation
The introduction of Feed in Tariffs within the UK has shown an increase of micro generation connected to the Low Voltage (LV) distribution network. This is becoming increasingly evident from the range of companies offering free PV installations in exchange for the revenue from the tariffs. If a high penetration of micro generation is installed in a compact suburban environment, the cumulative effect is expected to have a substantial impact on the existing distribution network.

Nottingham is one location where a significant number of PV panels have already been installed in dense locations; further dense areas are also due to be developed. 106 kW of PV Panels have been installed and up to 1235kW are scheduled to be installed in Aspley and the Meadows by the Meadows Partnership Trust, Nottingham City Council and Blueprint.

Throughout this project, Western Power Distribution will explore the following aspects:

  • How to measure and capture voltage, current, harmonic, real and reactive power data on a range of distribution assets in suburban areas

  • How to install equipment safely with minimal or no interruption of supply

  • How often the network characteristics need to be monitored

  • How to interrogate the large amounts of data generated to highlight significant network issues created by the installation of PV panels

  • What the effect is of installing large numbers of PV panels on the LV network.