Jan 2011
Electricity Distribution
Customer-Led Network Revolution
Jan 2011
Dec 2014
Emma Wilson, LCNF Communications Advisor (01912294246)
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LCN Fund Tier 2
LV & 11kV Networks
The move to a low-carbon economy, in particular the growth in Low Carbon Technologies (LCTs), will place additional strain on electricity distribution networks. If innovative solutions are not found this will require significant extra network investment and could delay the take-up of LCTs. This will start to be a problem on pockets of network by 2015 and a wider more significant issue from 2020. Therefore knowledge gained over the next three years will be relevant to the price control RIIO ED1 period.

The network costs associated with mass uptake of LCTs could be significantly reduced, and delivery accelerated, by using a combination of:

  • New network technologies

  • Flexible customer response from both demand and generation.
This will only happen if new commercial arrangements between suppliers, DNOs and customers are developed.
The project aims to ascertain:

  • What are current, emerging and possible future customer (load and generation) characteristics?

  • To what extent are customers flexible in their load and generation, and what is the cost of this flexibility?

  • To what extent is the network flexible and what is the cost of this flexibility?

  • What is the optimum solution to resolve network constraints driven by the transition to a low carbon economy?

  • What are the most effective means to deliver optimal solutions between customer, supplier and distributor?