Jan 2014
Electricity Distribution
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Jan 2014
Jan 2014
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks
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LV & 11kV Networks
During Storm events it can be difficult to keep track of where and how much damage is occurring to the overhead network, due to the prevailing weather conditions. It may be several days after the storm that helicopters are able to be flown to trace damage. The GridView system as developed by Open Grid is a network schematic laid over a geographic map of the area. These are combined by taking the Network schematic from the Scada system, and combining it with Google maps. There is potential for the resulting map of the network to be delivered to field teams handheld tablets and also for the field operatives to photograph and send damage reports back to the central database for insertion into the Scada system.
Improve the provision of documentation to field staff, and reduce the requirement for paper maps and forms.