Jan 2013
Electricity Distribution
Establish the Affordability of ADR
Jan 2013
Jan 2013
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks
SSEN Future Networks Team
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Innovation Funding Incentive
Energy Storage and Demand Response
Distribution networks are traditionally designed with an in-built capability to deal with the credible worst-case operational conditions. ADR is envisaged to establish a paradigm change, since it can mitigate network constraints through real-time control of consumers’ demand. Consequently, the reinforcement of network assets can be deferred or avoided, with significant economic benefits for DNOs.

The real-time controllability of ADR can also yield improvements in operational aspects of distribution networks. These include the level of network losses, as well as the reliability and quality of supply.

Identification of optimal combination of ADR deployment and conventional network reinforcement, by balancing relevant network investment and ADR costs and benefits; quantification of the value of ADR by comparing across different future scenarios.