Jan 2012
Electricity Distribution
Jan 2012
Jan 2012
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks
SSEN Future Networks Team
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Innovation Funding Incentive
Low Carbon Generation
This is an engineering feasibility study split into two strands. Strand one intends to investigate and provide a route for exploitation of periods in the electricity generation cycle during which there is excessive supply on the UK power network; this occurs for a number of reasons including response generators being brought on line early and remaining on after demand has dropped. Research will answer the question of whether it is economically feasible to install strategically located electrolyser stock to absorb this spare capacity, by generating a substantial volume of hydrogen, and to evaluate the most efficient and profitable way to implement the plan. This is TSB 48% funded. Strand two is to establish the technological, financial and operational issues of the methanation process and it’s applicability to CCS from industrial sources, its role as a demand side management technology for managing renewable curtailment, and the potential as a means of scalable energy storage. This is a DECC 50% funded Research Project which SEPD will support with resource and local information - we will get research and knowledge learning from this project.
Managing renewable curtailment