Jan 2012
Electricity Distribution
Real Time Java
Jan 2012
Jan 2012
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks
SSEN Future Networks Team
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Comms & IT
The current Orkney ANM scheme (developed through other IFI projects as detailed in this report) is deployed on PLCs and consists of the SGS Smart Grid platform, SGcore, the real-time power flow management application, SGi and the CommsHUB product. The next generation of the SGcore platform and SGi algorithms, SGcore Java has now been developed by SGS. SGcore Java makes use of leading edge real-time systems software in the form of Real Time Java which should allow the SGi Java algorithm to exhibit the same determinism and reliability as that of SGi PLC. The real-time specification for Java is concerned with providing the capability to perform mission-critical control within defined time periods and has found application in defence and process control industries. When deployed on Orkney, this project will represent the first deployment of the Real Time Java to manage an ANM system in the UK. The deployment of this software platform to perform ANM provides additional benefits to SSEPD in that a more powerful computing platform will exist that can undertake more advanced computational tasks and has significant scalability and interoperability that cannot be provided within a PLC-based environment.
The ANM system architecture will be improved to offer a more scalable and interoperable system configuration that will benefit future smart grid projects.