Mar 2013
Electricity Distribution
Radio Tele Switching (RTS) Assessment
Mar 2013
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks
SSEN Future Networks Team
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Tele switches are widely used throughout the country, to switch consumers storage heating and / or hot water on & off dependant on tariff selection.

Properties are split into different time settings, to reduce the load being brought onto the system at any one time. This allows SSE supply business to control consumers heating and hot water, to diversify demand. This diversity applied to the SSEPD network avoids the possibility of overloading and assets being damaged.

The time signal is carried on the 1500m LW radio frequency. The BBC has given notice to the ENA that it intends to switch off this signal in Sept 2013, however there are discussions taking place about a possible extension until 2016.

This project aims to:

  • Define the existing benefit that SSEPD gains through use of the Radio Tele Switch (RTS) system
  • Determine a value derived from existing systems that are in place

  • Explore the implications of the SSEPD being denied access to any load control methods ie. Load is supply led.

The project aims to provide an assessment of the costs and benefits of the RTS system, together with the possible impacts of the proposed switch off of the RTS system on the distribution network.