Jan 2011
Electricity Distribution
PHD Power Net Asset Man
Jan 2011
Jan 2011
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks
SSEN Future Networks Team
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Innovation Funding Incentive
High Voltage Technology
This is a PHD Project working on the development and methodology for the health and risk assessment of LV and HV distribution network assets. A key area of interest for SSEPD is in the area of asset management involving asset condition and health. Due to the current asset management system being unable to perform as required, the development of a new methodology can allow SSEPD to improve efficiency of planning and increase compliance with regulatory reporting. This can lead to enhancing asset lifespan, improving network security, and reducing the rate of asset replacement. This project will conduct a critical evaluation of transferable asset management practices from other asset-based industries, including areas of monitoring technologies, data analysis techniques, investment planning, and optimisation techniques. Appropriate solutions will be developed and integrated within the existing asset management system and allow SSEPD to potentially form a market leading model.
To create a monitoring tool in order to gain a better knowledge of asset condition, life expectancy, and risk. This will allow SSEPD to gain a better knowledge of assets and to assess and anticipate the impact of variations in asset condition, performance, and reliability. The project also looks into specific intervention methods on asset condition, and risk of failure. This will lead to maximising the useful lifetime and performance of assets, enhancing current methods of asset health and risk assessment, as well as improving network reliability.