Apr 2013
Electricity Distribution
Integrated Vegetation Management
Apr 2013
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks
SSEN Future Networks Team
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Innovation Funding Incentive
High Voltage Technology
The Integrated Vegetation Management project will consist of three work packages with the following content.


This will involve a review of IVM techniques & technologies in four key areas:

  • Management process

  • Machinery and mechanical issues

  • Live line techniques

  • Herbicides

The output of Work Package 1 will be a short report for each of the four areas, summarising the identified IVM approaches in each. An estimate of the cost and payback period associated with each identified technique will be provided.


Work Package 2 will involve assessing each of the techniques and technologies identified by Work Package 1 in the context of SSEPD's network and current practices. This will be done through a critical review of each technique and technology accounting for cost, pay back period and compatibility with existing SSE management systems and processes.

The output of Work Package 2 will be to refine the list of techniques and technologies to identify those that have the greatest potential for SSEPD to consider implementing, accounting for efficiency, cost and pay back time.


The potentially useful techniques brought forward from Stage 2 will be worked up into a field guide that will enable SSEPD staff to identify in the field which techniques should be adopted at a particular site, accounting for:

  • Cost

  • Clearance time

  • Reducing risk to supply

A key feature of SSEPDs approach to network maintenance is that decisions are made in the field by maintenance staff. The guide must therefore be practical and easy to use, and use flow charts and decision trees to direct SSEPD staff to the correct decision. These will be backed up by text where appropriate, such as instructions on selecting herbicide type and application method.

Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) is a management system being developed for reducing the risks to supply due to vegetation. Lengthening clearance times (i.e., reducing the frequency of maintenance) and reducing maintenance costs.