Mar 2013
Electricity Distribution
Ultra TEV Alarm
Mar 2013
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks
SSEN Future Networks Team
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The Ultra TEV Alarm can be used for a variety of applications:

  • Low cost permanent monitoring of critical assets

  • Workforce confidence following a switchgear incident

  • Enhancing substation staff confidence and safety

  • To automatically restrict substation access

  • Extending life of assets scheduled for replacement

  • Indicating problems with newly commissioned switchgear.
The project is designed to detect levels of potential discharge and to alarm when a certain level was breached. The detectors used were EA Technologies Ultra Tev Alarm. The main aim of the project was to improve the safety of those working on the system, by allowing workers in a substation environment to be better informed. A monitor would inform them what potential discharge activity there had been on the switchgear over night and therefore if there was a cause to be concerned.